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Anyone who has raised rabbits knows how annoying it is to constantly fill their water containers. Thankfully I found a watering system that let’s you simply fill up a 5 gallon bucket of water, then the rabbits can drink at their convenience.

The secret to this system is Blue Barb Rabbit Nipples.

The idea is to run a tube from the 5 gallon bucket of water down to each cage, using the T connectors to split the tubes between cages. Then attach the rabbit nipples to the side of the cage so that the rabbits can get water without it dripping everywhere.

I’ve tried a few different watering systems, and the Blue Barb is by far the best. They are easy to install, and have very few leaks.

TIP: If your water bucket gets debris in it, that debris can make its way through the tubing, and into the nipple. The debris can clog the spring making the nipple stick, and creating a leak. The best way to avoid this is to screen out debris at the source of your bucket.

Price: $22
Rating: A