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I’ve been doing SEO for 9 years, so there isn’t much that catches me by surprise, but I can honestly say that tonights visit to my webmaster tools account made my jaw pretty loose.

Here is the deal. Without doing any SEO or link building for, I’ve secured well over 120,000 inbound links in 6 months. Now 91,000 of those are from Twitter, so let’s pretend they don’t exist. Still, I’m looking at over 20,000 links from sites like,,,, and others. Too good to be true, right? Well, it kind of is and it kind of isn’t.

How did this happen?

Well, first you need to understand what is. It’s a social sharing website where bloggers group up to share each others blog posts on Twitter. Each blogger connects and RSS feed and Twitter account to Triberr and anytime someone in the group publishes a post, everyone else tweets it. They can tweet it automatically or manually.

How many tweets is Triberr tweeting?

Let’s just say that for the month of August, Triberr scheduled well over 1MM tweets.
Here is an example of such a tweet:

Now you see that “7 hours ago via Triberr” link at the bottom? Well that links to, and that explains the 91,000 links from Twitter, but what about the others?

Links from other sites

I didn’t think about this before, but Twitter syndicates tweets on A LOT of sites through various widgets. This widget is on the

These links are from

There are numerous other widgets that syndicate tweets containing a link to the app that tweeted it.

Lessons Learned

First off, these links are temporary. They may be “nofollowed” and they only contain a single anchor text to your homepage. HOWEVER… They are crawl-able links from unique root domains in different C-blocks. If nothing else, Google should recognize that whatever this “Triberr” website is, certainly people are talking and linking to them. Some will get devalued, but some won’t.

How can this help me or my client?

Consider giving your visitors the ability to Sign-In to your site with Twitter and tweet something from your site. Of course you’ll need to register a web app with Twitter, but that’s an easy process and you can put your keywords in the app name. The more users who use the tweet functionality from your site, the more of these Twitter Syndication links you’ll grab.

Those in the industry know this best… Great ideas will effortlessly outperform tiresome link building tactics.